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Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge

A missing tooth literally takes away your smile. You don’t feel confident when you smile anymore. However, with dental replacements, you can now afford to claim your flashy smile back. Before you are back to smiling, you have to face the question of dental implant vs dental bridge. Which one is best for you?

Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge

In this post, you get all answers about dental implants and dental bridges. You will know which is right for you as well as other considerations you should make. 

Weighing Your Options for Both

In the recent past, the only option for those who have lost their teeth was dental bridges. To get it done, the adjacent teeth have to be carved off its enamel to create room for the bridge. Conversely, dental implants only affect the specific tooth. There is no touching of the next tooth. The results are permanent and a very strong replacement. 

However, when it has been long since you lost your teeth, it will need some preparation before an implant. This is because both the bone and gum will not be in perfect shape. On the advantages of each of the procedures, your dentist is in the best position to make recommendations on which route to take and how to prevent any infections from happening afterwards. 

Dental Implant vs Dental Bridge

A Shift in Oral Care

When you get an implant, your oral care routine will not change. You will be brushing and flossing just like you have your natural teeth. The shift in care comes when you get dental bridges since they affect more than one tooth. You will have to be more careful when you brush and floss as your dental health can affect your overall health

Your dentist will advise on what you have to do. Some of the requirements are a specific type of toothpaste and special-bristle brush. 

Time of Service

Implants will be at your service for a lifetime. They are from titanium, which is durable and resistant to decay. The implant becomes part of your natural tooth. On the other hand, dental bridges only last for not more than 10 years. The bridges are not designed to become one with your natural teeth. Therefore, they will decay and are susceptible to failing. 

The Aesthetics

You would want your new teeth to fit in just like the natural ones. There is no guarantee of getting close to natural aesthetics, but your prosthodontist or dentist will assess your case and do what they can. Implants are easy to imitate your natural teeth if the replacement is done as soon as you lose your tooth.

The Cost Question

Dental bridges will win the cost contest any day. They cost less, but you will have to replace them after 10 years. You should think about recurring costs. Dental implants are expensive, but you will have them for a lifetime. Currently, health insurances are only covering a portion of the replacement costs and you can also look into if your Medicare coverage will cover it. Make sure you weigh out both options so that you can be ready for the expenses.

Bottom Line

So, what is it going to you about dental implant vs dental bridge? This is a personal choice whether it be for your kids or for yourself. Hopefully, this post has been of help in pointing you to make the right choice. 

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