Is Hard Water Bad For Your Skin?

There has been much speculation over whether hard water is bad for your hair, appliances, and other items; but, is hard water bad for your skin? Hard water consists of minerals which dry out the skin, block pores and result in stubborn skin issues such as eczema, or acne. Therefore, hard water is relatively bad for your skin. Below are some reasons why it is bad on your skin, and some remedies on how to neutralize your water.

Hard WaterIs Hard Water Bad for Your Skin

Hard water is water that has an elevated concentration of minerals such as magnesium, manganese, aluminium, and calcium, depending on where it runs through. There are no critical health risks caused by frequently drinking water with an elevated mineral concentration. Although, hard water leads to other issues such as dry skin or increased energy bills.

Is Hard Water Bad For Your Skin?

The significant impact of hard water on one’s skin is dryness. Hard water results in your skin looking dry, and it can also lead to other skin issues such as acne and blemishes. When water has increased amounts of calcium, it doesn’t dissolve detergent, soap or any other cleaning products — which means the soap residue remains on your skin, dishes, hair or clothes. This results in blocked pores as well as sensitive peeling skin.

How to Neutralize

To begin with, consider using a water softener in the house. If not, you can consider installing a water softening shower head which can filter the hardening minerals for less than having to install a whole-home water softening system.

Moreover, utilizing a gentle cleanser for cleaning the skin can also help. Water quality and temperature are also crucial considerations when you want to have healthy skin.

By avoiding hot water, you are not fully shielding your skin against drying, since hard water results in soap build upon one’s skin regardless of the temperature. Hot water cannot aggravate dryness and exacerbate conditions such as eczema, dermatitis. Also, showering for a long time can deprive the skin of its natural and protective oils, which lead to irritation.

Recommended Products

People suffering from dermatitis and other conditions of the skin will need to take special care of it to make sure that their skin remains hydrated properly after cleansing.

Dermatologists recommend dabbing the skin when you get out the shower other than briskly drying. Avoiding some soaps and using a solid moisturizer can aid you to achieve healthy skin even when you shower using hard water. When you are picking a face or body wash for hard water, it is essential to pick a non-soap based detergent that is safe for the body.

Nutrient-Rich Products

Vitamin C can aid to restore a dull appearance, and vitamin A aids to get rid of fine lines as well as wrinkles that appear when the skin is not hydrated appropriately. Also, exfoliation will assist to remove dead skin cells and promote the faster turnover rate of cells.

Bottom Line

So, is hard water bad for your skin? It does have some negative effects on one’s skin, but those issues can be addressed with simple solutions. Hard water contains certain minerals that tend to dry skin out. Dry skin can thus lead to irritation and/or break outs. Some simple remedies to this issue is to install a water softening system, replacing shower heads with water softening ones, and taking care of your skin with the right products.

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