Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Botox vs Plastic Surgery

Today, there are many options that help people transform their looks, especially their face. Two of the most common anti-aging procedures are Botox and plastic surgery. When it comes to Botox vs plastic surgery, there are several significant differences to consider. The best results come from matching your needs to the right cosmetic procedure.

Botox vs Plastic Surgery

When making changes to something as visible as your face, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. It’s crucial that you consult your physician and discuss your desired results so they can recommend the right treatment to deliver those results.

When is Botox Better Than Plastic Surgery?

Botox and facelift plastic surgery are inherently different. Botox is an alternative to getting plastic surgery and vice versa. Whether or not one treatment is more suitable than the other depends on the corrections you’d like to be made as well as your desired results.Botox vs Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery involves the use of anesthesia. The doctor will then make an incision, tighten deep tissue and lift or trim excess skin. Botox, on the other hand, is an injectable treatment. Your doctor will identify areas where Botox would be most beneficial before applying treatment.

Facelift: When You Need It

Here’s how you know plastic surgery is right for you:

Plastic surgery is designed to lift facial tissue and muscles, and remove any sagging skin, which is something Botox cannot do. Significant skin laxity is often a sign that you’re a good candidate for a facelift. As such, fat around your jaw or chin, loose skin, or deep folds or sagging tissue around your nose, cheeks and mouth are indicators that plastic surgery may be your best option. There are also methods to remove fat in other areas of your body.

Bear in mind that plastic surgery is not only more expensive, but also more invasive and requires more time to perform and recover than Botox. For some patients, however, plastic surgery may be the procedure that will deliver the results they want.

Botox: When You Need It

If you’re not after extreme results and only need to get rid of a few wrinkles then Botox should suffice. Botox is great for dealing with wrinkles caused by consistent muscle action over time. It works well for treating permanent lines and wrinkles in the surface of your skin, usually around the eyes and forehead.Botox vs Plastic Surgery

Botox is typically less expensive when compared to plastic surgery and requires less time for treatment and recovery. However, the results are temporary and maintaining a wrinkle-free appearance requires patients to continue injections over time.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for longer lasting results, plastic surgery is a better choice. Botox helps with correcting sagging or skin laxity. In some cases, plastic surgery is the only procedure that can deliver your desired results. However, many patients can benefit from a simple Botox injection. When comparing Botox vs plastic surgery, be sure to talk to your doctor about your desired results and choose the option that will deliver the most natural looking outcome.