Things That Attract Mosquitoes

What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To
What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To

Did you know that there are certain things that attract mosquitoes? Preventive Pest Control states the stubborn insects are attracted to heat and water. They use water to reproduce and heat signifies the presence of a person they can suck blood from. If you can identify the things that attract the mosquitoes, you can avoid them and reduce the chances of mosquitoes affecting you and your children.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?


Sweat has water. If you sweat too much when you’re asleep, then your room will most likely attract more mosquitoes. They like to reproduce in areas where they can sense a high level of humidity.

Dark Clothing

Mosquitoes can see dark colors. If you wear dark clothes, there will be a high chance that mosquitoes will single you out in the room. Wearing lighter clothes will help keep the mosquitoes away.

How to Avoid Mosquito Bites
How to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Eating A Lot of Potassium and Salts

If you consume a lot of sodium, then there are high chances that you will attract more mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are known to be attracted to places where there is salt. Research indicates that if you eat potassium rich foods such as avocados and bananas, then the mosquitoes will be attracted to you where they will end up biting you.

Perfume and Scented Lotions

The insects are sensitive to perfumes. If you apply highly scented perfumes, then the mosquitoes will likely locate you. Floral scents are very attractive to the mosquitoes. You can avoid the bites to a great extent if you can look for perfumes that aren’t too strong.

Drinking Alcohol

If you drink alcohol, then you are at a higher risk of attracting more mosquitoes. There are some chemicals which the skin releases due to consuming alcohol. Research indicates that the scent is highly attractive to mosquitoes.

Blood Type

People who have blood O type are known to have high chances of attracting mosquitoes. From research, it has been noted that you can end up attracting more mosquitoes unlike people with other types of blood groups.

Pregnant Woman

When you are pregnant, you tend to produce more carbon dioxide. It has been noted that mosquitoes can easily get attracted to pregnant women. It is necessary to look for protection so that you can avoid the effects of mosquito bites. Remember they can easily expose you to the risk of developing disease such as malaria among other types of infections.

Body Temperature

High body temperature makes it easy for mosquitoes to locate you. You may have seen the mosquitoes biting you more when in warm places such as in bed. The high temperature makes it easy for them to locate you.

Things That Attract Mosquitoes
Things That Attract Mosquitoes

Avoid Mosquitoes

Getting bitten by a mosquito isn’t fun, and dealing with the bites afterwards isn’t fun either. That’s why it’s important to know the certain things that attract mosquitoes so that you can keep yourself and your kids safe from bites.