Does Medicare Part F Cover Prescriptions?

The question, does Medicare Part F cover prescriptions is usually asked while discussing the costs covered by Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plan F. Plan F, also known as Medigap Plan F or Medicare Part F, covers all the costs incurred in treating patient in a hospital.It also covers outside the hospital as outpatient left after deducting the share paid by Medicare.

Coverage Provided by Medicare Supplement Part FDoes Medicare Part F Cover Prescriptions

  • Medicare Supplement Part F covers 100% of the cost sharing of the patient.
  • It provides comprehensive coverage for the remaining costs left after the share paid by Medicare so that the patient need not pay any amount of money from his pocket.
  • It completely covers the deductibles of hospital under Part A and outpatient under Part B
  • It also covers the 20% cost left by Medicare Part B to be paid by the patient
  • Along with it, this plan also covers all the excessive charges under Part B like with surgery. These excess charges can include the standard 15% charges charged by the doctor under Part B services of Medicare.
  • It also allows the patient to choose a doctor from more than 880,000 US physicians for his treatment.
  • This plan also allows the patient to see the specialist under Medicare anytime without needing any referrals from a primary health care providing doctor.
  • The coverage available under this plan is assured to be renewed as it cannot be canceled even if your health condition is not good, or you have filed a number of claims.

Does Medicare Part F Cover Prescriptions

In order for Medicare Part F to cover medication, you must receive it in a hospital, clinic, or some type of medical facility. Because prescriptions are not included in this, Part F does not cover prescriptions.

To Summarize

Although the answer to does Medicare Part F cover prescriptions is no, it is still valuable for numerous reasons. As mentioned above, it covers deductibles, let’s you choose from a large pool of doctors, and covers excess charges from Part B.