Benefits of Medicare

Medicare is a federal health insurance program which is quite an important part of your life, especially when you are aging. This program helps you by paying several health care expenses. If you want to apply for Medicare for yourself or for your parents or someone you know, then you have to be aware of some of the facts. There are four parts of Medicare – Part A, B, C and D.  There are some amazing benefits of Medicare. The beneficiaries of this program can be any citizens who are aged 65 or more. Even some people with qualifying permanent disabilities may be eligible for these benefits as well.

Benefits of Medicare

When it comes to the benefits of Medicare, it’s important to know the differences of each part of Medicare. Here is a breakdown of what each option covers, so you can determine the best choice for you.

Part A

The Part A is all about hospital insurance. The Part A covers all the hospital care of patients, services of limited home health care along with hospice care. If you are a Part A beneficiaries, then you do not Benefits of Medicarehave to pay any monthly premium for receiving the coverage. Normally, if you or your close one have worked for at least 10 years and have regularly paid Medicare taxes while working, then that person will be eligible for the Part A without premium.

Part B

This is the medical insurance part. The benefits of Part B is that it covers all the medical expenses that are not related to hospital such as blood tests, visit to the doctor’s office, diabetic screening, X-rays, outpatient hospital care, exams prior to surgery and medical supplies. But for all of these, you have to pay a monthly premium. The people who have higher income may have to pay a higher fee.

Part C

Medicare Part C is the insurance that includes all types of Medicare coverage in a health plan. This plan is mainly offered by the private insurance companies. You may or may not enroll for this medical advantage plan as it is completely optional. But in order to enjoy the benefits-of-medicarebenefits of this plan, you have to have the Original Medicare, especially Part A and B. Having the Medicare Advantage plan can help you to cover some of the health care services that Part A and B don’t cover. This can be hearing aids, eye exams and dental care.

Part D

The part D of Medicare is the optional prescription drug coverage. Part D is available as a plan for stand-alone prescription drug via the private insurance companies. According to some of the plans, you have enrolled in, you will be able to share in the costs of the prescription drugs.

Final Word

So, these are the benefits of Medicare. If you are about to be 65, or your parents are, you need to enroll for Medicare immediately to enjoy all the facilities from the insurance. There are some rules and regulations, as well as terms and conditions for this plan. You need to know everything about these before you take a step.